Rubber Dam

Rubber Dam Along with the development of polymer synthetic materials industry, rubber dam as an innovative hydraulic structure, is composed of high strength fabric as reinforced […]

elastomeric rubber bearing pad

Structure and performance of elastomeric rubber bearing pad Elastomeric rubber bearing pad(Hereinafter reference as to rubber bearing) is formed by vulcanizing and adhering multi?layer rubber sheets […]

Steel Edge Type Rubber Water Stop for Concrete Structure

Features of? Rubber Water Stop ? ??? ?Excellent elasticity and flexibility. ?? ?Resistant to abrasion and tearing. ?? ?Resistant to corrosion and chemical. ?? ?Resistant to […]

Back stick rubber waterstop for building concrete joints

Rubber waterstop is manufactured from natural rubber and synthetic rubbers with many additives and fillers by the processes of plastication, mixing and compression molding. It can […]